We believe that getting on your bike is one of the best things you can do for the planet.

Buying kit that lasts you years is part of our brand ethos. Our kit is made in Europe using responsible manufacturing and supply chain that allow us to be confident that our standards and quality are high, plus ensuring working conditions for people who make our kit are good too.

We source our materials responsibility and manufacture in Europe using recycled threads in our materials whenever we can.

Our Glam collection is our most sustainable collection, with 80% of the material used coming from recycled plastics.

All our collection is fully vegan.

We are against single use plastics - so instead of a poly bags, we deliver our kit from our manufacturer in reusable ziplock bags. Yes they are still plastic, but they can be used again and again for traveling, lunch, keeping inner tubes in....

We are committed to making smart, sustainable improvements wherever we can, so please check back for more updates.